Tuesday, February 24, 2004

have you seen...

...the movie 'The Spanish Apartment'? It'll make you want to move there pronto. If only my uni life was as free and exciting as that...*sigh*. One meeting with my overly protective parents will make you understand how I could want for such a life :).


Blogger MANGANEESE said...

I was browsin through and was startled why someone would name their blog Mangalore??
And...then when I was goin through the blog realised that it had nothin to do with mangalore but probably something to do with a mangalorean...
hey hold on.. before you jump to any conclusions..I was leavin a comment just to let you know that I found your vocabulary to be pretty interestin but the header needs to go through a grammer chck.. not that i'm the "ONE" the english geek !!!But......
hey and also was wonderin wether you'd give up the blog for me as you not been usin it for sometime now.. Pls chck my attempt on a website to discover the reason behind the request!!!
Note: My comment needs to go through a spell chck

22 January 2008 at 2:33 am  

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